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set phasers to pun

come and get your love.
my life is mckirk.
Sep 17 '14

Pushing Daisies : season 2, episode 7
Pushing Daisies : season 2, episode 7

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Sep 16 '14

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Sep 16 '14
Sep 16 '14
Sep 16 '14

I’ve got the greatest wife in the world! We’re married!

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Sep 16 '14


I definitely feel better knowing that he is guarding our galaxy 

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Sep 15 '14
Sep 15 '14

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perfect use of gif

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Sep 15 '14

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Sep 15 '14

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Sep 14 '14

awesomegummybears asked:

This is kind of a prompt and a headcannon about how Jim asks Bones out sorta. (On Enterprise) One day, out of the blue, Jim asks Bones. If he trusts him. Bones answers immediately, "With my life, Jim." Then Jim asks, "What about your heart, Bones? Would you trust me with it if I asked?" "I already do."


omg how CUTE

Jim finds a porthole that even Scotty doesn’t know about that gives the best view of the thrusters when go into warp, and so naturally his first thought is to show Bones.

But when Leonard sees the narrow corridor they have to take to get there, he balks, because if there’s one thing he hates more than wide open spaces, it’s small spaces, and Jim pauses, looks back at him and quirks a reassuring smile.

"You trust me, Bones?"

"With my life," Leonard answers instantly, then scowls, because the last thing he needs is for it to go to the kid’s head.

But Jim’s smile takes on a certain oddness, and he considers Leonard for a long moment. “That all?”

"What else have I got?" Leonard eyes Jim’s hand suspiciously as Jim reaches for him, then swallows when Jim takes his wrist and tugs him gently towards the corridor. "Hey-"

"Your heart?" Jim suggests, and Leonard nearly chokes at the sheer cheesiness of it.

"Jesus, kid, we on a space opera?"

"Shut up," Jim grumbles, flushing, and Leonard grins despite himself, barely noticing that they’re already inside the corridor and he hasn’t passed out yet. "I’m serious. Would you trust me with your heart?"

He is serious, Leonard realizes, and he exhales slowly. “I already do,” he confesses, his pride be damned because it’s true, just as they reach the porthole.

Their first kiss is lit by the cosmic blue of warp energy, and it lasts for lightyears.

Sep 14 '14


Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie in Playing It Cool (2014)

Sep 14 '14

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Sep 14 '14

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