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set phasers to pun

my life is mckirk.
Jul 22 '14

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Jul 22 '14
Jul 22 '14

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Jul 21 '14

everything is alcohol and ergo proxy and nothing hurts

Jul 21 '14

chris pine + favorite outfits (pt.2) [pt.1]

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Jul 21 '14


Underappreciated Female Characters [3/?]

Did I not, on multiple occasions, demonstrate an exceptional aural sensitivity, and I quote, “an unparalleled ability to identify sonic anomalies in subspace transmissions tests?”

Jul 21 '14


You’ll never hate the Percy Jackson movies like Rick Riordan hates them

Jul 21 '14


Jul 21 '14

screencap meme: “jim kirk all of them al othe mfmhist al the ji mri k. or just some. u kno wheartever. james kirk”
↳requested by cuddlykirk

screencap meme: “jim kirk all of them al othe mfmhist al the ji mri k. or just some. u kno wheartever. james kirk

↳requested by cuddlykirk

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Jul 21 '14


What you had to do, what you always do.
Turn death into a fighting chance to live.

Jul 21 '14

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Jul 21 '14


What do they say about Leonard McCoy?

They say he’s a man with hard eyes and soft hands, a southern drawl that never belonged in space.

They say all he’s got left are his bones and they’re right.

Leonard McCoy is a skeleton and his bones are made of bourbon and anger and regret and bitterness and of the slightly paler strip of skin on his finger where a gold band used to sit.

They can never quite decide if he’s a careful man because he’s a doctor, or if he’s a doctor because he’s a careful man.

But careful men don’t make mistakes.

They don’t get to say anymore

They say McCoy – no longer Leo-the-son or Len-the-husband and barely even Daddy-the-father and well before he was Bones – climbed on that shuttle with a whole world behind him and nothing in front of him.

They say –

“All I got left is my bones,” he told the too-old kid with the bright blue eyes and blood caked around his shirt.

He says “Jim Kirk,” and Leonard McCoy hears him.

Jul 21 '14

"That was quite a scene."


Jul 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

Leonard McCoy goes by a lot of names. He is Leo to his family and close friends. He was Len to Jocelyn. Doctor McCoy to his patients and staff. Simply McCoy to the crew members who were the closest to him. He has been called many names in his life, but nothing ever felt so right as the first time Jim called him 'Bones'.


sdfghjk and of course he grumbles about it at first, because this dumb kid seems to think imitating some statement from his terrified shuttle-rant is funny. but that dumb kid quickly becomes roommate, becomes drinking buddy, becomes best friend. jim calls him bones with soft eyes and a small smile and leo’s heart stutters and he wonders when the nickname started to sound like mine.

he whispers darlin against jim’s mouth a few weeks later and hopes jim hears i love you.

Jul 21 '14

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